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Getting somewhere safely is important. You can be comfortable knowing that limousine company vehicles are well maintained and are routinely checked. Strict policies are in place for oil changes, annual services and other maintenance. It would not bode well for a limo company if their cars are breaking down or have low-oil warnings and check engine lights lit up on the dashboard. The next time you want to arrive to an event in style, there are options for you to choose from.

Lincoln Town Car

The Lincoln Town Car a four door sedan that can accommodate four passengers. The Lincoln Town Car is the ultimate limousine and are popular for corporate travel. Some features are leather seats, AM/FM stereo, CD player, climate control and allows for the rear seat passengers to move the passenger seat forward. Forbes magazine has repeatedly named the Town Car as one of the best cars to be chauffeured in along with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7-Series and the Lexus LS. The Signature L features legroom in the rear of 46.9 inch and rear shoulder room of 60 inches. The Lincoln Town Car was the first sedan in production to receive the United States five-star crash ratings in every category.

Luxury SUV- Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac Escalade can provide you all the features and experience you would expect from an extra-large utility vehicle and has seating for up to 7 passengers with luggage. Luxury SUVs are ideal for groups that want to travel together and enjoy the views while getting to your destination in style. The Escalade is a full size luxury SUV – it was Cadillac’s first major entry into the popular SUV market and has most of the safety features you’d expect in a large SUV. It has received good ratings with new stringent testing by the NCAP testing system of the federal government.

Limousines, Stretch & Ultra Stretch Limos

The limousine is a luxury sedan with a lengthened wheelbase. The stretch limousine has seating for 8 and has features like a TV, VCR, CD player, plush bar, moon roof, tinted windows, privacy divider, fiber optic lighting, mirrored ceiling and leather interior. The ultra-stretch limousine has room for 10 passengers and includes all the options of the stretch limo.

Large Family or Group Vans

Large vans can accommodate 5 to 14 passengers with plenty of room for luggage and roomy seating as they offer more legroom, elbowroom and headroom. These vans are ideal for group trips to the airport or any group activity. When planning a trip with a large number of people, the goal is to make it enjoyable for everyone. This can be difficult if children are involved. When people get uncomfortable, complaining and bickering will soon follow which will lead to a decrease in the morale of the group and the ride will seem like it’s taking forever!

Luxury Limousine & Town Car Service in Sammamish, Kent, Bellevue, WA & the Seattle | Tacoma Area of Washington

If you want to arrive at your next special occasion in style, contact American Star Town Car. Call with plenty of time in advance to reserve the vehicle you want. Our knowledgeable chauffeurs look forward to driving you around!

Corporate travelers are always trying to find ways to make travelling more efficient. There are benefits to using a car service with many factors that will make it the best way to get to the airport. Life is hectic and being stuck in traffic can make us anxious. This is definitely not the way you want to start an important business dealing. American Star Town Car explains why it’s best to hire a professional limousine and sedan service for your transportation needs!

6 Good Reasons to Hire a Professional Car Service for Your Airport Travels

1. Reliable Transportation. The biggest stress to travelers is being late for a flight and missing it. Many car services like American Star Town Car do an excellent job at tracking flights and will make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time to check in.
2. Efficient Routes. Car services are extremely knowledgeable in monitoring traffic reports and know the traffic patterns which ensures the most efficient route will be taken to the airport. These drivers are experts.
3. Having a Chauffeured Driver Allows Increased Productivity. When it comes to corporate travel, time is money. Using a car service to travel to the airport provides freedom to send emails, make phone calls and work while en route to the airport. You also have the opportunity to go over the big presentation or review meeting material all while being driven to the airport. This can make the difference between making or breaking of a deal. The work that can be accomplished during the drive will make up any cost of airport transfers. You can compare the cost of the transfer to an hourly rate and determine if it’s a smart choice to use the service.
4. Hassle Free Transportation. When you are in a city that you are not familiar with it can be easy to get lost. You can be confused on parking fees and tolls and you can avoid the hassle of renting a car and avoid being stuck in traffic unable to do any work.
5. Time-saving Travel. When you hire a car service you have the luxury of being dropped off right at the curb which gets you to your gate quickly. Being in a time crunch makes this crucial. You will also avoid long term parking fees.
6. Ride in Style With a Luxury Limousine. Why not add a touch of class to your next trip to the airport? Taxis can be smelly and old and a chauffeur will provide you with a nicer ride than a cab driver. There are many accommodations provided with a car service like entertainment systems, luxury seats and lots of seating, to name a few.

Professional Car Services in Sammamish, Kent, Bellevue WA & the Seattle | Tacoma Area of Washington

When you are trying to decide whether or not to hire a car service for your next trip to the airport, consider what matters most. When using a reliable car service, the benefits will outweigh the cost of using rental cars, the cost of parking and will save you time. Car services will provide the best experience for your clients. Consider giving American Star Town Car a call for your next trip to the airport.

One of the hottest apps out there that is getting people out and about is the new Pokémon Go! It is based on a series of television shows as well as trading cards from the 1990’s. The card game was a huge hit and people still collect these cards which is why the new app is such a great addition to the Pokémon Game. Pokémon Go is not an app that you can download and hang out on the couch if you want to make any progress. You have to get out and about in in cities all over to hunt down the Pokémon and collect them for your own. The Pokémon can be found in homes, on streets, in stores and at outdoor locations. Once you have the Pokémon that you want, you can then take them to virtual battle. This is where you compete with other members to fight yours against theirs. The winner can then earn awards and possibly other Pokémon as well. If you want to progress in the game you are going to need to do a lot of driving. But people have been causing accidents by not paying attention to the road. A great way to get around and not worry about driving is to hire a professional car service or a limousine!

American Star Town Car List Some Areas You Can Go Hunting For Rare Pokémon & Why Hiring A Limo Or Car Service Is A Great Idea.

Places To Find Pokémon: There are many types of Pokémon that you can come across on your daily travels. There are some Pokémon that are rarer and in turn are more sought after. If you find one of these rare Pokémon you can level him up and potentially win some great virtual battles. If you want an Electrabuzz you want to travel to Meridian Park in Kent. There have been sightings of this rare Pokemon on any given day. Dratini is a very sought after Pokémon due to the evolution that ends with an extremely strong Pokémon. You can find one of these by heading to Boeing Creek Park or even Lake Union Park in Everett. Chansey is a fun and super cute Pokémon that is hard to find. She is found around Golden Gardens Beach or around downtown Port Orchard. Keep your eyes peeled for this one! If you want a strong water type Pokémon you want to head over to Bellevue Park to start your hunting. The rarest Pokémon is the Blastoise Water Types that will eventually evolve into a Wartortle.
Why To Use A Limousine Or Car Service When Hunting Pokémon: There are many stories that people have been in car accidents while out looking for Pokémon. They are not paying attention to the road and could cause serious injury to themselves and others. The benefits to using a car service is that you can hire a driver that can take you around the city and stop when you need to get out to collect Pokémon. It is safer and you can get to more places without having to worry about parking and stopping when something catches your eye.

Limousine & Town Car Sedan Services in Sammamish, Kent, Bellevue WA & the Seattle / Tacoma Area of Washington.

If you want to play Pokémon Go, you can call American Star Town Car to chauffeur you around today!

When you start to think about events that most people use a limousine service for a wedding is top of the list. The other major events are school dances, Social Events, Corporate Trips and so many more. When you are planning a wedding there are many things that need to be planned ahead of time and your car service is one of them. You want to make sure that you are not stranded and the wedding waiting on you. The day should be worry free and fun and a memorable time that you can look back on with joy and not with anxiety over the things that went wrong.

American Star Town Car Lists Tips that You Can Use When You Hire a Limousine Service for Your Wedding Events

Prior To The Wedding Activities: You want to make sure that you have a list of the activities that will be taking place for the wedding. This will include the days and times of any pre-celebrations such as bachelor and bachelorette parties as well as bridal showers. Combine all the days that you will need transportation for. If you have an itinerary put together you can give it to the limousine company as well as the amount of people that you will need to pick up and drop off. Make sure that you have this list ready well in advance so that the company can make route decisions and estimates on the amount of time it might take to get to each location.
What Should Be On The Itinerary: You may think that an itinerary of the activities leading up the wedding and the wedding itself is enough but the details that are needed are much more. You need to be sure that you have times that you expect to reach each of the locations so that the driver can give enough drive time when they pick up the guests. You also need to be sure that you have the number of guests that need to be picked up so that the right size vehicle is sent to the location. You also need to have all the addresses that you are going to pick guests up and where you are going to be dropped off at. The driver will ask whatever questions necessary to ensure that they have all the details needed.
Day Of The Wedding: You want to make sure that all the pre wedding activities are set up and out of the way so that the day of the actual wedding can be the focus. This is the most important part and needs to be treated so that the bride and groom are happy. Make sure that you give yourself enough time to get to the location of the wedding and be sure that there is enough seating for the wedding party.

Wedding Limousine Services in Sammamish, Kent, Bellevue WA & the Seattle / Tacoma Area of Washington.

American Star Town Car offers professional luxury limousine services to meet all your transportation needs. Call us to schedule your next event!

Not very many folks can say they were raised with limousine rides throughout the days of their lives. Most folks get to experience the luxury on special occasions though. Proms, weddings, parties, and other relatable celebrations are just some of the events where a limo is called for. Now and again folks can be seen escorted to airports and other events, but more often than not, riding in a limousine isn’t a common occurrence for some. With quite a few experiences presenting themselves to have the grand encounter with a limousine, it is important to know the etiquette attached.

American Star Town Car share some etiquette tips when you are being chauffeured in luxury and riding in a limousine

Tardiness: Not only do you not want to be late for your own event, but being late can make the driver late for later appointments. When you are scheduling the limo or luxury car, be sure you are ready to leave at the designated time. Also keep in mind, tardiness can cost you additional fees for more of the driver’s and car’s time.
Business Relationship: Everyone in their profession expects courtesy, respect when dealing with customers, coworkers, and professional interaction. Chauffeurs are no different. With the chauffeur and passenger relationship, remember your driver is a job in the service industry and deserves the same respect and courtesy he/she gives you.
No Smoking: Unfortunately, there are enough people trying to smoke in the limo or luxury car that this needs to be mentioned. Smokers and nonsmokers do not appreciate getting into a car that reeks of cigarette or cigar smoke. Most service companies prohibit smoking inside the cars for the health of the driver and to prevent lingering odors.
Behavior: As mentioned before, applying courtesy and respect is necessary. But sometimes with the excitement of a fun evening and alcoholic beverages, and the thrill of being escorted in luxury; the rowdy behavior might begin to build. Just be sure to remember theses basics:
– Do not verbally harass or mistreat your driver.
– Do not physically bully the driver.
– Never use rude, crude, or lewd and vulgar language towards the driver. You are being chauffeured in a dignity and class. Behave as such.
– Illegal drugs are prohibited and unacceptable.
– The limousine or luxury car is not yours; do not inflict damage to the interior or exterior of the car.
Gratuity: Many inexperienced limo or luxury car riders do not know if a cash tip is expected or if it’s included in the final price. More often than not, the company includes the gratuity in the final price, but presenting cash to your driver for a satisfying experience is always welcomed. If the tip is not included, the standard rate is 20% of the final bill. If you are uncertain how the company handles the gratuity, it is ok to ask when you are scheduling your limousine or luxury car, and to express the desire to present cash at the end of your service.

Wedding, Sporting, Tour, Airport & Special Event Limousine in Sammamish, Kent, Bellevue WA & the Seattle / Tacoma Area of Washington

If you are planning a trip in the Greater Seattle, Washington area be sure to schedule your luxury car escort with American Star Town Car. Contact us today!

There are tons of people that have to do some sort of traveling for their job. This can be for training, conferences or work in general. Whatever the reason is for your trip there are a lot of working parts to make the trip work well and be a good experience. When you are traveling for work it can be stressful due to being in a place that you may not be familiar with and the tasks that you need to accomplish while you are away. Many times the travel plans are handled by office staff that will schedule all the flights and appointments and give you an itinerary to follow. That is one of the ways that your trip can become a bit easier but there is another area. When you fly into a new city for work, you are now stuck there without transportation. You can go to a local car rental place and pick up a sedan and spend time trying to figure out where you are going and how you should get there or you can hire a car service.

American Star Town Car Lists the Benefits Of Using A Car Service On Your Next Executive or Corporate Trip

A Car Service Knows the Local Area: When you are traveling for work or you have someone come from out of town for a meeting they are not going to be familiar with the area. They may have a general idea of where they are but they will not know the streets, traffic patterns and best routes to take. When you hire a car service, the driver will be able to get you from point A to point B as quick as possible. They are able to tell the person what time they should leave in order to get to the location intended on time. The local knowledge that a driver has can save you time and give you less stress about being on time or showing up late.
No Stress About Parking: A new place may have different rules about where you can park and what areas you have to pay to park. This can end up getting your car towed if you park in a restricted area. Most business trips will have you in the main part of the city and that happens to be the usual area that parking is limited and the rules can be stricter. When you hire a car service to take you from place to place you don’t have to worry about finding a place to park. You also can be dropped off at the location right near the entrance so that you are not walking any further than you want to. Not worrying about parking can also save you time and allow you more time to enjoy your free time.

Corporate Limousine & Executive Sedan & Car Services in Sammamish, Kent, Bellevue WA & the Seattle / Tacoma

Seattle is known for its fabulous summers. Whether this is your first time visiting this beautiful city, or you have family visiting from out of town, there are definitely some must see places Seattle has to offer. The last thing you want to worry about is navigating through an unfamiliar city to find all of these sightseeing gems. American Star Town Car is sharing eight must see sights this summer in the Seattle, Washington area.

Space Needle Restaurant & City Views

The Space Needle is one of Seattle’s most popular attractions. It was built for the 1962 World’s Fair. With an observation deck at 520 feet, the view of the city is unbeatable. It also has a restaurant at 500 feet that rotates 360 degrees while you dine. It has become one of the city’s icons and you can’t miss it.

Pike Place Market Shops

Pike Place Market is one of the country’s oldest and largest open public farmer’s markets. It has been open since 1907 and is a great place to get fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and other goods. It is located right on the waterfront and the shopping can’t be beat.

Downtown Waterfront Attractions

There is a broad sidewalk that runs along the Alaskan Way Viaduct with piers that jut out into the bay. On this Downtown Waterfront, the Seattle Aquarium is a favorite stop along with shops and great places to eat. This is also home to the Seattle Great Wheel that has enclosed cars that give you a fabulous view of the bay and city.

Bill Speidel’s Seattle Underground Tour

In 1889 the Great Seattle Fire took place destroying much of the city. The city was rebuilt but there are many underground passageways that are still there. These passageways used to be the main roads and storefronts of old Seattle. There you can take Bill Speidel’s Seattle Underground Tour and hear the stories of people who once lived and worked there.

Woodland Park Zoo Exhibits

With over 1,000 animals to see, the Woodland Park Zoo is a fun stop for all. You can see the animals get scheduled feedings and chat with the people that take care of them. This is an enjoyable place for families to spend the afternoon.

Gas Works Park

If you want to spend some time outdoors, the Gas Works Park has great biking and walking trails. This park is on the site of the former Seattle Gas Light Company and has parts of the original coal plant to walk around and view.

Experience Music Project (EMP) Museum

The Experience Music Project (EMP) Museum is located near the Space Needle and was founded by Paul Allen in 2000. This museum is dedicated to contemporary pop culture and has many exhibits and displays that are very interactive.

Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI)

This may not sound like an exciting attraction, but the displays of life in Seattle and the Puget Sound are a must see. It reopened in 2012 and has many multi-media displays and new galleries that are amazing.

Sightseeing Tour Limousine, Van, SUV & Sedan Town Car Service in Sammamish, Kent, Bellevue WA & the Seattle / Tacoma Area of Washington

If you are planning a trip to Seattle this summer, don’t worry about trying to get from point A to point B. Let American Star Town Car take you to all the sights that you can’t miss. American Star Town Car can offer you limousine or town car escorts to all of the sights on your list. Contact us today for more information and to make a reservation.

Seattle is fast becoming the most popular sports fan city in the country. No fans are as loyal as Seattle fans and to make your game day experience even more over the top and unforgettable, hire the services of American Star Town Car to shuttle you and your friends or family to the game. You will be the star of your crew after hosting the pre-game ride and the way home in a deluxe automobile of your choice from American Star Town Car. If you want to feel like a true star, nothing will turn heads like pulling up to the game in style and climbing out of a stretch limousine. Create the ultimate sports fan game day experience with American Star Town Car today!

Let American Star Town Car be the Official Transportation of the 12th Man

Every Seattle Seahawks fan takes pride in being called the 12th Man. If you do not know what the 12th man is, especially in the Seattle area, then you are as far from being a football fan as the San Diego Chargers are from winning their next Super Bowl. The 12th man is the name that Seattle Seahawks give their fans, due to their loyalty, excitement and passion for the love of the game and more importantly their team. Visiting teams find it extremely difficult to play in Seattle’s Century Link Field due to the amount of noise that the 12th man produces. The noise is so loud that the decimals have been measured louder than that of a jet plane! Century Link Field has been the site for 130 opponent false starts, the most of any venue in the NFL. Good luck to the starting center of the visiting team to hear anything his quarterback is saying. American Star Town Car will proudly transport your 12th Man Crew to cheer on your Seattle Seahawks this coming fall.

Chant and Scream for your Seattle Sounders this FC Season

One of the most exciting sport venues to attend in Seattle is that of the Seattle Sounders Football Club. Hire the services of American Star Town Car to shuttle you and your fellow Seattle Sounders fans to Occidental Park in Pioneer Square. Locals know that Occidental Park is where the real fans begin the game by marching through the streets off to Century Link Field, singing fight songs, chants and getting pumped up for the game. This pre-match march was started back in 2005 by Emerald City Supporters and has become a hallmark of the Sounders match day. Add to the tradition by showing up to Occidental Park in style with American Star Town Car services.

Sporting & Special Event Limousine in Sammamish, Kent, Bellevue WA & the Seattle / Tacoma Area of Washington

When you hire American Star Town Car to shuttle to and from your next Seattle sporting event, you are definitely choosing luxury and extravagance. Your transportation will not only be luxurious, but it will also be reliable and credible, you will not be late for your game and the drivers at American Star Town Car will safely get you to your venue without running into any hiccups along the way. Contact American Star Town Car today for your next sporting event transportation service!

Many travelers opt for air travel as their main form of transportation when traveling out of state for either business or pleasure. Once passengers exit their flights they are generally in a hurry to get to their hotel or final destination. Many airports offer a shuttle service to hotels in the area but taking a shuttle generally means you have to wait in long lines and once aboard it is typically hot, cramped and with more than one stop, it is also time consuming. Renting a car may appear to be a convenience that you can’t pass up, but is it as good as it really appears? The problem many travelers face with rental cars is the hidden costs along with the inconvenience of finding a place to park.

Private Corporate Limousine & Executive Car Service

If you are interested in a more comfortable travel experience, consider hiring American Star Town Car and arriving in style in a private limousine. One of the most common concerns for travelers arriving at the airport on an incoming flight is their bags and other luggage. With American Star Town Car, our driver will have already helped you get your luggage taken of. A chauffeured limousine service will be waiting to pick you and once you are safely inside, all you need do is sit back and relax.

Some of the Benefits of an American Star Town Car Limousine & Sedan Town Car Service Include:

Convenience: Instead of waiting in a long line at the airport, a private limousine service will be waiting to pick you up promptly and get you where you need to be on time.
Productivity: If you are traveling into Seattle on business, being free to make phone calls or concentrate on last minute checks of your presentation can be a huge benefit to your overall performance.
Reliability: One of the greatest fears for corporate travelers is arriving late and missing a meeting. At American Star Town Car Services, we will arrive early and get you where you need to go safely. Our chauffeurs and drivers are highly trained and have the education and knowledge to avoid traffic snares and other high traffic areas to ensure that you arrive on time and in style.
Economical: Whether you are travelling to Seattle for business or pleasure, getting lost in a city that is unfamiliar is never a fun start to your time away. Rental cars and parking fees can be expensive. Make sure you book with American Star Town Car in advance, you will be pleased and surprised at just how economically priced our services are. Our prices are set in advance and you will never have to worry about ticking meters or hidden fees.
Time Saving: One of the biggest benefits of using an American Star Town Car limousine service is preserving your time. Our comprehensive service includes making all the plans along with travel calculations to ensure that you don’t waste your valuable time waiting at the airport or sitting in traffic.

Corporate Limousine & Executive Car Service in Sammamish, Kent, Bellevue WA & the Seattle / Tacoma Area of Washington

For more information about airport transportation or hiring our professional limousine service for your special event, contact the experienced professionals at American Star Town Car today. Our services are available 24/7 for your complete convenience.

There are only a few important milestones to experience as a teenager in high school and adding a limo to those experiences will make them even more memorable. Homecoming, prom and graduation are all excellent occasions to couple with limousine transportation. Picking your date up in a limousine will make a great impression for the rest of the night, arriving to the dance in a limousine with your group of friends will make for a great entrance and being taxied around town in the comfort of a limousine with your pals will show off your style and make you feel like you own the night. All of these experiences will make wonderful memories that will never be forgotten.

Limousine Reservations

When planning your night, it is important to have everything properly scheduled ahead of time. Prom, homecoming and graduation all occur at specific times of the year, so reserving a limousine last minute may be difficult. Call and reserve your limousine plenty of time in advance, to ensure that you get the limousine you want that will seat the number of people that are in your party and fit your budget. Consult with the limousine company, just to be sure that they have exactly what you are looking for and that there are no miscommunications with price and availability.

Limousine Itinerary; Know Head Count, Date, Times & Destinations

When calling to schedule your night of fun, make sure you have an exact head count so you will be provided with the appropriate size of limousine. Also plan your night and know your destinations. It is important to provide the limousine company with the number of stops; drops off and pickups that you will need throughout the night. When picking up your party, it may be easier to have everyone meet at one location, like your home – rather than picking everyone up at their individual houses. This will save a great deal of time and may even lower the cost of your transportation service that night.

Homecoming, Prom & Graduation Special Event Limousines in Sammamish, Kent, Bellevue WA & the Seattle / Tacoma Area of Washington

Your experience should feel worry free and allow you to focus on your friends and fun that night. Hiring the best and highest quality of limousine service will make your night a success. American Star Town Car has an impeccable track record of high quality limousine service, providing every customer with the greatest customer service, professionalism and a night they will never forget. Contact American Star Town Car to make your prom, homecoming or graduation unforgettable. You and your friends will be riding in style and enjoying the night with American Star Town Car service!

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