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Archives: May 2016

Many travelers opt for air travel as their main form of transportation when traveling out of state for either business or pleasure. Once passengers exit their flights they are generally in a hurry to get to their hotel or final destination. Many airports offer a shuttle service to hotels in the area but taking a shuttle generally means you have to wait in long lines and once aboard it is typically hot, cramped and with more than one stop, it is also time consuming. Renting a car may appear to be a convenience that you can’t pass up, but is it as good as it really appears? The problem many travelers face with rental cars is the hidden costs along with the inconvenience of finding a place to park.

Private Corporate Limousine & Executive Car Service

If you are interested in a more comfortable travel experience, consider hiring American Star Town Car and arriving in style in a private limousine. One of the most common concerns for travelers arriving at the airport on an incoming flight is their bags and other luggage. With American Star Town Car, our driver will have already helped you get your luggage taken of. A chauffeured limousine service will be waiting to pick you and once you are safely inside, all you need do is sit back and relax.

Some of the Benefits of an American Star Town Car Limousine & Sedan Town Car Service Include:

Convenience: Instead of waiting in a long line at the airport, a private limousine service will be waiting to pick you up promptly and get you where you need to be on time.
Productivity: If you are traveling into Seattle on business, being free to make phone calls or concentrate on last minute checks of your presentation can be a huge benefit to your overall performance.
Reliability: One of the greatest fears for corporate travelers is arriving late and missing a meeting. At American Star Town Car Services, we will arrive early and get you where you need to go safely. Our chauffeurs and drivers are highly trained and have the education and knowledge to avoid traffic snares and other high traffic areas to ensure that you arrive on time and in style.
Economical: Whether you are travelling to Seattle for business or pleasure, getting lost in a city that is unfamiliar is never a fun start to your time away. Rental cars and parking fees can be expensive. Make sure you book with American Star Town Car in advance, you will be pleased and surprised at just how economically priced our services are. Our prices are set in advance and you will never have to worry about ticking meters or hidden fees.
Time Saving: One of the biggest benefits of using an American Star Town Car limousine service is preserving your time. Our comprehensive service includes making all the plans along with travel calculations to ensure that you don’t waste your valuable time waiting at the airport or sitting in traffic.

Corporate Limousine & Executive Car Service in Sammamish, Kent, Bellevue WA & the Seattle / Tacoma Area of Washington

For more information about airport transportation or hiring our professional limousine service for your special event, contact the experienced professionals at American Star Town Car today. Our services are available 24/7 for your complete convenience.

There are only a few important milestones to experience as a teenager in high school and adding a limo to those experiences will make them even more memorable. Homecoming, prom and graduation are all excellent occasions to couple with limousine transportation. Picking your date up in a limousine will make a great impression for the rest of the night, arriving to the dance in a limousine with your group of friends will make for a great entrance and being taxied around town in the comfort of a limousine with your pals will show off your style and make you feel like you own the night. All of these experiences will make wonderful memories that will never be forgotten.

Limousine Reservations

When planning your night, it is important to have everything properly scheduled ahead of time. Prom, homecoming and graduation all occur at specific times of the year, so reserving a limousine last minute may be difficult. Call and reserve your limousine plenty of time in advance, to ensure that you get the limousine you want that will seat the number of people that are in your party and fit your budget. Consult with the limousine company, just to be sure that they have exactly what you are looking for and that there are no miscommunications with price and availability.

Limousine Itinerary; Know Head Count, Date, Times & Destinations

When calling to schedule your night of fun, make sure you have an exact head count so you will be provided with the appropriate size of limousine. Also plan your night and know your destinations. It is important to provide the limousine company with the number of stops; drops off and pickups that you will need throughout the night. When picking up your party, it may be easier to have everyone meet at one location, like your home – rather than picking everyone up at their individual houses. This will save a great deal of time and may even lower the cost of your transportation service that night.

Homecoming, Prom & Graduation Special Event Limousines in Sammamish, Kent, Bellevue WA & the Seattle / Tacoma Area of Washington

Your experience should feel worry free and allow you to focus on your friends and fun that night. Hiring the best and highest quality of limousine service will make your night a success. American Star Town Car has an impeccable track record of high quality limousine service, providing every customer with the greatest customer service, professionalism and a night they will never forget. Contact American Star Town Car to make your prom, homecoming or graduation unforgettable. You and your friends will be riding in style and enjoying the night with American Star Town Car service!

Weddings & Limousines Go Hand in Hand.

Many people plan their wedding during the beautiful spring season. Plans include flowers, venues, dresses, food and of course a limousine service. When you are planning a wedding, things can be overwhelming but when you hire a limousine service for your wedding celebration, it can take some of the anxiety away.

American Star Town Car list some of the wonderful benefits of a limousine service for your wedding celebrations

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Limousine: One of the first events that happen when you are about to get married is when the best man or maid of honor plan the bachelor or bachelorette party. This is a night that each member of the wedding goes out with friends and enjoys their last night out as an unmarried person. Usually this is a party that can go from one place to the next such as a pub crawl. A beer or wine tour limousine can make your night safer as many times the bridal party, groomsmen are other party guests not able to drive. When you hire a limousine service you can show up in style and not have to worry about where to park and how to get there. You also have a sober driver that can get all of your guest’s home safely.
Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Limousine: This is a moment when all the family members on each side come together and have a meal before the big day. It can turn into a disaster when grandma can’t find the restaurant or your aunt shows up late. The one sure way to have everyone there on time and in the right spot is to hire a limousine service. The driver can make stops to pick up any guests that you want and get everyone to the front of the restaurant on time. It can also be a great dry run for the big day!
Wedding Day Limousine: This is the big one. This is the day that you don’t want to have to worry about driving or car keys or where you need to park. There are too many other things that a bride and groom need to worry about and when you have to worry about transportation, it can cause anxiety. One way to be sure that you are going to have a smoother and more relaxing day is to have a limousine service pick up and take you to the wedding day and have you there in style.

Bachelor, Bachelorette Party Limousine, Beer & Wine Tours, Rehearsal Dinner & Wedding Limousines in Sammamish, Kent, Bellevue WA & the Seattle Tacoma Area of Washington

When you are ready to set appointments for your wedding or any other limousine, van or town car service, contact American Star Town Car and schedule today.

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